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an easy-to-use web app that generates high value analytics for the oil and gas industry

Colin Callahan

Nashville, Tennessee
Chief Executive Officer
Byron Sommardahl

Santa Ana, Honduras
Chief Technology Officer
Colleen Farish

Nashville, Tennessee
Director of Partnerships
Viktor Zavala

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Senior Developer
Nathaniel Holzmann

Nashville, Tennessee
Senior Engagement Manager, CSPO
Saul Mayorquin

Comayagua, Honduras
Senior Developer
Deanna Vickers

Nashville, Tennessee
Senior Engagement Manager
Jean Lauzon

Nashville, Tennessee
Engagement Manager


Towards a more Open Government in the Americas

Twenty-three young professionals from 14 countries of the hemisphere met in Osprey Point, Washington, this month to join a global network of change agents...

Ziplines, Fear, and Custom Software: A Parable

Hello, daredevils out there. Have you ever tried ziplining at over 50 mph? My team did during our recent Summit in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Some of us were very, very, very skeptical about doing this activity...

Scared of Your Todo List?

I have 23 year old daughters (twins) who have been living on their own for a few years now. They pay most of their bills and day to day expenses themselves and handle all of their personal business (doctor, dental, whatever appointments)...

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