Project Summary

Hurdl is a wearable device and big data startup in the entertainment industry. They provide customizable wearables (Pixl) for large events (concerts, games, etc). Each Pixl is custom-programmed by the wearer using an event-specific survey via SMS. Prior to Acklen Avenue, Hurdl had the ability to custom-program the devices, but couldn’t conduct surveys of the users or send the configuration data from the cloud to the user.

pixl device

Pixl Device

The Challenge

Hurdl was able to custom program their wearables (Pixl)but they were not able to conduct surveys of users or send configuration data from the cloud to the user.

The Approach


Built a SMS-based survey system for Twillio w/ ability to migrate to other vendors if needed


Built a backend to create survey questions (AWS)


Built Raspberry Pi software to pull survey answers and broadcast to the Pixl devices

We built the Hurdle Antenna Interface. A bridge between

the registration database, a DMX Console and the Pixls.

The Evolution

Repeated zig-zags based on client need

  • Researching & integrating 3rd party datasets
  • Migrate website to AWS platform
  • Other ‘urgent’ requests because of startup nature of business

Client had other visions/goals that we helped evaluate

  • Big data
  • Migrate website to AWS platform
  • Other ‘urgent’ requests because of startup nature of business

Users can manage SMS questions and events preferences through the platform in real-time

Technologies Used

The Results

  • We built an SMS platform capable of interacting with any cloud-based SMS vendor
  • A website so users could easily log in, add new events, update questions and see real-time data from the event
  • An app for Raspberry Pi to download the survey results and transmit them to the Pixls
  • Hurdl now has in-house developer(s) continuing working on project and using our code to further their company goals.
  • Hurdl identified that there were two distinct products (big data play & SMS Pixl) and went through a re-org to help them grow both. While we didn’t directly influence, our involvement helped them ID the pain point & indirectly led to a solution.

Zach Shunk

Co-Founder / CTO at Hurdl Enterprises

They have been able to help non-tech people understand advanced software development. They have your best interests at heart and they take ownership. They’re a great team and tool. They make software make sense

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