news / 26 Mar 2018

New Core Values

by Fernanda Mezquita

Core values define us. They describe who we are and why we do what we do....

tips , tricks & secrets / 21 Feb 2018

How to Unstump a Developer

by Byron Sommardahl

I work with some of the most talented software developers in the world, and I rarely...

software development / 01 Sep 2016

10 Ways to Kill Pair Programming

by Byron Sommardahl

If you have a hard time working with other humans or find that other humans have...

tips , tricks & secrets / 28 Apr 2016

Scared of Your Todo List?

by Deanna Vickers

I have 23 year old daughters (twins) who have been living on their own for a...

news / 29 Jan 2016

An Experiment Gone Very Right

by Byron Sommardahl

Years ago, when Acklen Avenue was still very young and trying to find its place in...

news / 02 Sep 2015

I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

by Byron Sommardahl

It’s really been amazing to see the metamorphosis Acklen Avenue has undergone since we started up...

news / 10 Apr 2015

Acklen Avenue Summit 2015

by Richard Siwady, Byron Sommardahl

Next week Acklen Avenue is hosting it’s annual Summit. We’ve hosted several summits in the past...

tips , tricks & secrets / 07 Jul 2014

3 Ways to Win at Quality

by Byron Sommardahl

I just bought some brakes for my car the other day. When I was at the...

software development / 26 Jun 2014

Save Money With ATDD

by Byron Sommardahl

Custom software is pretty expensive! Unnoticed system bugs, misunderstood requirements, and lack of developer focus can...

software development / 19 Jun 2014

5 Ways to Kill Your ROI

by Byron Sommardahl

Your company is getting ready to make a major investment in custom software that might take...

software development / 12 Jun 2014

Quality is Not an Option

by Byron Sommardahl

This article is about some lessons that my team has learned about developing custom software and...

software development / 08 Apr 2013

4 Components of Durable Software

by Byron Sommardahl

We are frequently called in to existing development teams to help them get moving in the...

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