Tips, Tricks & Secrets / 08 Feb 2023

Powerful Ways To Motivate A Development Team

by André Brousseau, Evan Hensley, Heathman Nichols, Susan Breedlove

What drives motivation? One of the core Agile principles is to build teams around motivated individuals,...

UX/UI Design / 29 Nov 2022

UX That Actually Works

by Wendy Vargas

A great user experience is practically invisible, felt only through the ease of use and efficiency...

Tips, Tricks & Secrets / 21 Feb 2018

9 Ways to Unstump a Software Developer

by Byron Sommardahl

When Is a Developer Actually Stumped? Software development is predictable at times, and many times it...

agile / 28 Jun 2017

Why Agile Adoption Fails So Often

by Matthew Phillip

Is agile software development a failing concept? Why does agile adoption fails so often? There is...

software development / 01 Sep 2016

10 Ways to Kill Pair Programming

by Byron Sommardahl

If you have a hard time working with other humans or find that other humans have...

Tips, Tricks & Secrets / 01 Sep 2015

5 Secrets to Quality Software Delivery

by Byron Sommardahl

As software development professionals, how can we fulfill requirements through working software and ensure that our...

news / 10 Apr 2015

Acklen Avenue Summit 2015

by Richard Siwady, Byron Sommardahl

Next week Acklen Avenue is hosting it’s annual Summit. We’ve hosted several summits in the past...

software development / 19 Jun 2014

5 Ways to Kill Your ROI

by Byron Sommardahl

By doing this with your big custom software investment, your ROI won't stand a chance.

news / 08 Apr 2013

4 Components of Durable Software

by Byron Sommardahl

Durable software is like a well-built, high-quality parking garage. It is built with care, not hurried....

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