Next week Acklen Avenue is hosting it’s annual Summit. We’ve hosted several summits in the past 2 years in locations like beautiful Lake Yojoa and peaceful Santa Ana. This year we’re coming back to charming Santa Ana, because we can’t get enough! Santa Ana is a small town located 30 minutes south of Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa. Most of the team members are joining, including some from our main office in Nashville, Tennessee, for a week packed of fun activities and valuable training.

This summit promises to be the best yet. What better way to kick off a summit than to have a team building activity? The first day (Tuesday) we get to watch a soccer game and catch up with fellow team members. After that we start with our first training sessions. This year, we are proudly publishing all our training sessions to youtube, free to the public! For a complete list of the training sessions planned for this year’s summit you can check our Google+ page.

Wednesday is made up of more training sessions and other fun activities. Things get really exciting during the next 2 days. In thursday we have a small barcamp during the evening where we will share new and interesting technologies. And after dinner we get to show off our skills in a video game tournament.

Lastly, we are finishing the summit on friday with an all-day hackathon where our talented team members get to play with Github’s Hubot and the new programming language called TypeScript. The hackathon is aimed at building awesome hacks to improve any process in the company or just build something really cool that helps the whole tech community.

Here is a trailer of the upcoming summit.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we are going to. See you online during our training sessions next week.