It’s really been amazing to see the metamorphosis Acklen Avenue has undergone since we started up in 2010. We’ve not only gone from three team members to more than thirty, but we’ve learned many lessons (some the hard way) about how software should be created. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned is how important our people are AND how essential it is to empower them to use their precious time wisely!

We have recently made a turn in our philosophy of DevOps and it’s part in the Scrum Master role. For quite some time, our scrum masters have worn so many hats that they end up being the hardest “worked” (and “working”) individuals on the team. They don’t complain because that’s not part of their character. But, realizing this, it’s important for folks like me (Byron, the CTO) to rearrange the lego blocks for these guys and rescue them from perpetual fatigue. After all they are my heros… it’s time to return the favor!

Starting immediately, our clients will notice a new energy in their scrum masters and in the area of DevOps. We have decided to split responsibilities and create a new team… a team of heros… we call it “The Hero Unit.” As DevOps engineers, this small team will soar across all product teams and tag-team on responsibilities like database optimizations, deployments, builds and continuous delivery. Together, they will be the guardians of the sacred Acklen Avenue “process”. As experienced agile developers, they will be the saviors of developer time and efficiency. As scrum masters, they will be the protectors of the scrum team and process. They sound heroic, don’t they??

If you’re already a client, get ready to feel the power of “The Hero Unit”. If you’re not a client already, you should consider talking to us about your next project!

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