Remote - Based in AMER/LATAM
Full Time


The Development Guild Master oversees the professional development of our developers and ensures that our delivery teams are staffed with the appropriate level of professionalism and mastery needed to meet their client’s needs. They assist in recruiting, vetting, and hiring developers to meet our client's various needs and provide those developers with ongoing support and mentoring to help them flourish. They work with leadership to ensure our organization is implementing industry best practices and achieving our business goals.


  • Career Development: Make sure the development guild members have the required skills or a roadmap to acquire them for their current title and position. This includes: Developing a Career Path Training and Mentoring Annual Reviews Service for internal clients: Get frequent feedback from Engagement Managers and other team members/guild members on the performance and professionalism of the Development Guild and address any issues expressed. Help determine and collect Key Performance Indicators around the Development Guild’s performance so that areas of improvement can be identified. Overseas the application of a Performance Improvement Plan when necessary to ensure an appropriate level of mastery of the guild members.
  • Recruitment: Work together with People Ops in their recruitment endeavors by and not limited to identifying sources of talent, helping them understand client’s specific needs, setting role qualifications, participating in technical screenings of candidates.
  • Team Staffing: Work with Engagement Managers to make sure their teams are staffed with the right people for the job requirements, work with guild members to prevent turnover, and when needed fill in for a missing guild member in a project. Assist our delivery teams when they require additional technical expertise.
  • Leadership: Collaborate with Executive Leadership, other Guild Masters, Engagement Managers to determine and execute on our Company Vision and the priorities that have been set.


  • Required Technologies: React.js, .NET Core, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript.
  • Skills: Communication, Servant-Leadership, Business Acumen.
  • Senior Level.
  • Full-time job (40 hours weekly).
  • Permanent contract.
  • C1 Advanced English Level.
  • Availability in CST time zone.
  • Remote work.

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