March 26, 2018

What Defines Us – Acklen Avenue, a Software Development Company.

A few years ago, we went through a tough process of defining who we are and why we do what we do.  We wanted to clarify what defined and guided us.  Having done so, we would be able to draw in not only the best talent we could find, but also, those who believe what we believe– to create the unimaginable.

So, back then, we defined ourselves as a company that would

  • Rigorously pursue fun.
  • Empower our teammates.
  • Own our client’s success.
  • Demand elegant solutions.
  • Create community.

Recognizing these core values empowered us.  And since setting that first stone, we have learned that we can accomplish more.

We have grown by leaps and bounds, taking new challenges and initiatives. We outgrew fun, empowerment, success, elegance and community and we found ourselves revisiting what defines us.

So, what defines Acklen Avenue today?

Integrity– We will do the right thing, even if it hurts, by not participating or supporting dishonesty, corruption, or unfairness to any people group. We will do what’s best for our clients, even if it means losing money or saying goodbye. We will be honest in everything we do.

Mastery– We will be better than we were yesterday by finding ways to improve each day and welcoming better ways to do things. We will empower our teammates to do better, facilitating learning for those inside and outside our organization. We will welcome feedback from all angles and always demand elegant solutions.

Quality– We will create high-quality products, inside and out, by taking ownership of our clients’ success. We will spend the time it takes to do a great job in order to help our clients get what they really need, not just what they said they needed 6 months ago. We will deliver a product that makes our client happy and be worthy of repeat business.

Agility– We will deliver valuable, flexible and maintainable products as often as possible by partnering with our clients in order to maximize learning and product value by using an Agile Approach to software development. We will slow down to speed up.

Love– We will care for our fellow Ackleners, both professionally and personally, while we are caring for our clients and their success.

The essence of our old core values resides in each of our new ones, a reminder of how much we have grown, how much growth remains, and how we will all get there.

“Your plan is not as important as your culture; your ideas are not as important as your execution” — Todd Howard